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September 12, 2020

i5 Design Photo Challenge

The i5 design contest is on! Don’t miss out! Have fun with it! We’ve put together some tips for showing off your home’s best look, and it doesn’t require any painting or shopping for furniture.

Consider which parts of your home bring you the most joy. If stepping into your bedroom soothes your soul, for example, maybe that’s the room to photograph! Is there a cozy corner of your living room where you love to read? Does your kitchen inspire inventive cuisine? If you already know which space speaks to you, start there, but perhaps you have several. Snap all of the spaces, and then see which photo looks the best.

Declutter!  Of course your home is lived-in, and not a showroom, but it will look its best when photo-ready. Papers, cups, products, etc. tend to distract from the decor and appeal of any room. Any extraneous items that can be removed will give the space a neat, clean look.

In a previous blog post, we discussed how apartments don’t have to be uniform. Each unit can be as unique as the people who live there. Perhaps you have a collection of album covers, framed theater Playbills, souvenirs from travels, art pieces…or perhaps you have a piece of handmade or antique furniture. Featuring items like these in your photos will elicit a personal feel, and can really stand out.

It may be difficult to capture an entire room effectively in a photograph. There will be parts that end up not being as visible as you’d like. The eye may not know where to focus. With that in mind, it may be prudent to try different angles, and focus on one part of the room. For example--a chair, a bookcase, and a window. A bed and nightstand with a lamp and a plant. Select an area that has interest, and not much empty space. If you snap a photo, and your eye goes straight to the closet door whenever you look at it, try shooting that room from another angle. Experimenting will be key.

Finally, work that lighting! The possibilities truly are endless, and lighting will absolutely make the photograph. The way to discover the best lighting for the room you choose will be trial and error. A living room photo on a sunny day, with a tree visible outside the window may be perfect. Daytime, natural light may be the best option for your home, but shooting toward the light can be problematic, so you may need to position your camera accordingly. Depending on the quality of the camera you use, evening photos may work nicely as well. Try a soft lamp, candles, or even a spotlight on a feature wall. If a room looks too dark, bring in some extra lighting from other rooms! Leave the extra lamps off-camera, and no one will be the wiser!

Your i5 apartment is sure to look gorgeous. Select a space, and get it ready for its close-up!