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April 30, 2021

Purple Patch Brings the Flavors of the Philippines to DC

Born in the Philippines but raised in the United States, Patrice Cleary connected to her maternal Filipino roots through food. Over the past six years, she’s brought that same connection to a wider audience at DC's Purple Patch.

From starters and shareables to family-style “love noodles,” there’s something for everyone to enjoy at the Purple Patch. Their signature skewers, sliders, or chicken wings will begin your meal with something spicy, savory, or even sweet, like fried spicy adobo wings or sweet pork and banana ketchup skewers. 

Vegans or vegetarians might start with a shiitake slider or fried eggplant before moving on to panicit bihon or calamansi tokwa. Or, a family might enjoy pancit mahal, splitting noodles sauteed with meats, vegetables, and other distinctly Filipino flavors.

Once you’ve cleared your plate, you can indulge in a sweet treat with flavors straight from the Philippines. From leche flan and cassava cake to halo halo and ube ice cream, you’ll find your go-to Filipino dessert or get the chance to try something new.

No matter what dishes you choose from the Purple Patch menu, one fact will remain true—you’ll feel that connection to Patrice Cleary’s Filipino background with each taste.