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September 17, 2021

Hop in the Saddle at Gearin’ Up Bicycles

Gearin’ Up Bicycles is taking a stand against children growing up in poverty by providing a new way of thinking toward transportation and healthy living. What originally started out as a kids' earn-a-bike program that provided low-cost bicycles to underprivileged children has evolved into a unique educational experience. 

Gearin’ Up allows for volunteers, career opportunities, and learning experiences to children and young adults in low income communities. They provide gently used bikes for very low prices to help children obtain a way to get around without a car, and give them the chance to learn more about biking. It’s an important factor to note as well, that biking is an incredibly healthy way to add more exercise into your daily routine and Gearin’ Up takes pride in teaching its customers just that. 

A fun, new way to help the community that also provides a service to their customers? Count us in! Visit Gearin’ Up in NE Washington D.C. and see for yourself the wonderful things they are accomplishing.