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November 18, 2021

Savor Turkish Cuisine at Capital Doner

There’s no mystery about how the team at Capital Doner crafts its cuisine. The open kitchen puts its process on full display, with a rotating spit front and center. Chef Usta Ali is known for his expertise when it comes to Turkish cuisine—in fact, the name “Usta” literally means “expert”—and he’s usually the man at the helm making sure the doner is cooked and sliced perfectly all day long.

Since Capital Doner opened its doors recently the raves have been pouring in for the food and the customer service alike. Watch while Chef Usta artfully slices the doner meat from the rotating spit and piles it neatly onto your plate or stuffs it inside of your choice of bread, at which point the rest is up to you. Pick and choose whatever strikes your fancy from the toppings bar, including fresh salsas, tahini, tomato and onions, and other produce. The eatery also serves piping hot mugs of tea with baklava, which make the perfect complement to your main course—just check out the dessert case for a few other sweet options.