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April 13, 2022

A Sweet Treat is Underway at Washington D.C., Visit Thomas Sweet Today

Enjoy the impeccable scent of freshly brewed coffee while indulging in a tasty bite of sweetness at Thomas Sweet, located in Downtown Washington D.C. This trendy, yet sophisticated coffee shop combines premium grade coffee with freshly baked sweets, and treats. Not only do they press and roast their own coffee beans daily, but they also bake pastries fresh from scratch, and offer homemade chocolates, and freshly blended ice cream every day.

Try their house blends of Columbian, Costa Rican, Brazilian, Ethiopian, or French Roast coffee while tasting one of their many delicious pastries. Then dive into a box of their premium, house-made chocolates and try an assorted chocolate box, dark chocolate, or milk chocolate candies. And finally, don’t forget about the ice cream! All ice cream flavors are made fresh from scratch and are super creamy and delectable. 

Don’t believe us, come see for yourself at Thomas Sweet today or visit their webpage online at for the full menu and list of coffee offerings. Your sweet tooth will thank you!