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May 6, 2022

Washington D.C.’s Trolley City Tours

Take a tour of Washington D.C. in a brand new way! With a Trolley City Tour experience the city, learn about it’s history, and get only the best views and sights around! No matter if you are new to the city, have been here for years, or just visiting, a Trolley City Tour is perfect for you!

Old Trolley Tours is D.C’s longest-running city tour, and each tour is 100% real-time, with absolutely no pre-recorded narration. With highly trained and knowledgeable guides. Additionally, the foreign language tour app is available in seven different languages. 

Ticket prices do vary for the Trolley City Tours. Prices start at $45. Reservations are required, the tour lasts 90 minutes, and there will be one-stop, but with over one hundred points of interest. Next, is the trolley City Tour & Arlington National Cemetery tours, priced at $62. Finally is the Monuments by Moonlight tour. Priced at $40.50 where you can adventure out to see the city’s monuments under a different light. 

Experience the city like never before, and book your spot on the next Trolley City Tour!