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August 1, 2023

National Black Business Month

Did you know that August is annually celebrated as National Black Business Month? The exact history of honoring this month can be traced back to 2004. However, in 2020 the month was solidified and more formally recognized by people and the community. 

In 2004, engineering entrepreneur Fredrick E. Jordan and president/editor of publishing company eAccess Corp John William Templeton started this annual event. With the intention of highlighting and empowering Black business owners. Today, the odds are still not in favor of Black entrepreneurs. National Black Business Month pushes for equality in the business space and celebrates those who are thriving despite the challenges. 

August is a time to recognize and support Black-owned businesses and entrepreneurs. This month we reflect on the history of Black entrepreneurship, their impact on the United States economy, and the resilience of the Black community. Support locally owned Black businesses this month and every month. The Black entrepreneurs i5 Union have supported and partnered with include- The Favorite B Word, District Daiquiri, Remedy Massage Lounge, Onley Sweets, and Black Vinegar Collection.

Living at i5 Union Market, supporting Black businesses is incredibly easy. Our property’s gift shop features Black-owned brands and designers. Tamon George, co-founder of Creative Theory Agency says, “It is about supporting Black businesses. It’s about economic empowerment and amplifying Black creative voices who are carrying the culture forward.”